Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Luv the Hostel in Yangshuo

Friday September 19th

Usually a hostel room is not enought to blog about but in this case it is. When I arrived at the Flowers Hostel in Yangshau I got a great surprise. Not only were the beds in the six bed dorms only $2 a night but the rooms are airconditioned and we had our own bathroom.

We have an actual toilet seat. You can't just make up stuff like this. I had almost lost all recollection of what a toilet seat looked like. Squat toilets have become almost natural after only 2 weeks in China. I know I am going to wake up any minute and this was all a dream but I will enjoy the feeling for now. If I am not dreaming I may be in Yangshou for a while. Plus it only has 300,000 people here so it is kinda like their Monterey, LA.

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