Friday, January 12, 2001

Karon Beach

I just moved from Phuket town to Karon Beach for 7-10 days just to finally rest up from traveling and hopefully not spend much money. I got lost looking for the one hostel on the beach and luckily a bar owner told me of a hostel that was opening up today and that I would be her first client. The room only has 3 beds compared to the 10 bed dorm I was looking for and is only $4.50 a night. I have the room to myself and hopefully it will stay that away. lol The room is only 1 minute from the beach so I hope to get a little sun. Moonsoon season ends at the end of October. It has been raining most of the day today but hopefully things will clear. May not hear much on blog since there will not be anything to blog about until I move next.

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