Thursday, January 18, 2001

Life on the Road in Southeast Asia

I was reading my Southeast Asia Lonely Planet Guidebook and it has a section that perfectly describes life on the road in southeast Asia. So I thought I would share since it is exactly how it feels.

"Southeast Asia is loud, no doubt about it. The roosters have been crowing all night, the screaming motorcycles have been doing circles around your bed and the guttural call to prayers seems to emanate from next door. It isn't even noon yet and the temperature has already reahed the boiling. You climb out of your rock-hard mattress and head down to the shared toilet at the end of the hall. The mirror is too short, the sink is too low and the whole room needs to be sprayed down with bleach. Now its time for a shower (cold water for this penny-pincher), a powdering and a desperate search for clean clothes.
Today is the day you pack up and move to the next town. Arriving at the destination station, the bus is flanked by touts all thirsty for your business. You haggle the price, which is always inflated due to an informal 'I'm new in town' tax. The first guesthouse you visit has a shady yard with chickens scratching around in the dirt but the room is damp and noisy, so you thank the testy clerk and set off down the road. You use your budget senses to sniff out the best score in town and in a few hours you're camped out in the shade with a steamy bowl of noodles and a sweaty bottle of beer. Beats the wage-slave life. "
2008 Lonely Planet Southeast Asia

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Sandra T. said...

What wonder travels you are having! Thanks for sharing them with us. Kade and Madison miss you and are waiting for your return.
Sandra T.