Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Karon Beach to Phuket Town

November 8, 2008

After 15 days I finally made the decision to move on to Koh Phangan, an island on the other coast, to go to the "full moon party" on the 12th. It was hard to leave because Karon Beach was incredible mainly due to Jerry and Annie who entertained me. I watched the women play in an International Volleyball tournament on the beach. Jerry introduced me to the Boost Bar when I arrived by convincing me to drink a "red devil" which is a shot composed of half tobasco and half vodka. The next night he convinced me to snort tequila through my nose with a straw. I hope it doesn't end up on youtube because there was a video. Then there was the "drinking game" with 6 shot glasses and dice which has downed more than one backpacker. I heard from a former NY attorney who now teaches in Thailand that I could teach law at a university by just showing my law degree. No knowlege of the thai language is required, just a short prep class. I have great interest in me and I will check into in later. I met many people that are from other countries who now spend most of time in Thailand. The people here are great.

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Anonymous said...

Too late!!! It's on Youtube and been viewed by millions...we'll not millions yet but someday you will be a hero...